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Web Design and Development

Course Overview

The Web Design & Development I curriculum is an introduction to the design, creation, and maintenance of web pages and websites.

Course Description

Web Design and development course

Day One

What is HTML, How to start it.

Using Brackets

Firebug & Others tools

Start a template


Day Two


HTML Attributes

Using Div

Add Stylesheets


Day Three

Detail about jQuery

Class selector, ID Selector & Others

How to use, live examples


Day four

Advanced usages of jQuery

Conditional method of jQuery

Live project


Day five



Day Six

HTML Boilerplate

CSS framework

Live examples


Day Seven

Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap Grids



Day Eight

BootStrap Javascript's

Live examples


Day Nine



Day Ten

Why Photoshop

Using Tools and others

Understanding layer & others.

Day Nine - Day Thirteen



Day fourteen



Day fifteen

Why Wordpress

How to install WP


Day sixteen

How to use WP Theme

How to configure


Day seventeen

How to customize WP theme

live examples


Day eighteen

How to use wordpress plugin.

Live examples


Day nineteen

Create a complete site using one WP free theme


Day twenty



Day twenty one

What is domain & hosting

How to setup domain in webhost


Day Twenty two

How to manage cPanel

creating database & user

File manager


Day twenty three

upload HTML and WP website in server


Day twenty four


Day twenty five - thirty

Work on live projects.

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